The Maple Leafs got a point, which is good, since it keeps them ahead of the Boston Bruins for the final Atlantic playoff spot, since they have one less game played than the Bruins. The Islanders beat the Canadiens, which ties them in points with the Leafs. They also have 28 regulation+overtime wins vs Toronto’s 27, so at the moment the Isles would have the tie breaker over the Leafs if it comes to that.

However, with the Canadiens losing, the Maple Leafs are only four points back of the division lead. Come on Canadiens, we need you to be sacrificed to the Metro wild card team.

Here’s who should lose and who should win for tonight:

Ottawa Senators @ Carolina Hurricanes
7:30PM - Fox Sports Carolina, RDS, TSN5

Cheer For: Carolina in regulation. The Hurricanes are last in the conference, and we don’t want to Senators to get too far ahead of us, we want home ice and it’s only three points away!

Calgary Flames @ Florida Panthers
7:30PM - Fox Sports Florida, Sportsnet West

Cheer For: Calgary in regulation. The Panthers are creeping up on the Leafs, it will be a hard win since the Flames are coming off a back to back, but we’ll do our part out west next week, if the Flames do us a solid in Florida.

Edmonton Oilers @ Washington Capitals
7:00PM - TVA Sports, NHL Network, Sportsnet, CSN-DC

Cheer For: Your choice. If the Caps lose, it makes a tighter race for the Metro division lead, but it doesn’t matter who wins. They’ll beat whichever team finishes in the second wild card spot anyway. I’m cheering for an Oilers loss. I love those.

Irrelevant game of the night:
Arizona Coyotes @ Dallas Stars
8:30PM - Fox Sports Southwest+, Fox Sports Arizona+

I’m rooting for the Coyotes. We need more teams to realize they’re bad and need to make lots of trades. Dallas is 10 points back of a playoff spot, a loss to the second worst team in the league may get them focused on next season.