The Leafs won! Hurrah! So did the Islanders! Aw crap.

Yes, the Maple Leafs are left out of the playoffs once again, other teams conspiring against their advancement. Still two points behind the Bruins for the Atlantic and one behind New York.

There isn’t much to watch tonight, and none really matter, but some we need them to lose.

The games that matter

Minnesota Wild @ Florida Panthers - 7:30PM
Cheer For: Minnesota. Rarely do I want the top team to win, but the Panthers are five points back of the Leafs, and we need to keep those gaps big.

Buffalo Sabres @ Columbus Blue Jackets - 7:00PM
Cheer For: Columbus. This isn’t a hard win to hope for. The Sabres are eight back, but safety first.

The games that don’t

Chicago Blackhawks @ Detroit Red Wings - 7:30PM
Team that’s going to make the playoffs vs team that may not make the AHL playoffs. Good match up, NBC will sell the hell out of this.

Anaheim Ducks @ St. Louis Blues - 8:00PM
I want the Blues to win, to make it harder for the Kings to get into the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Edmonton Oilers - 9:00PM
Gotta cheer for the Penguins here. It’s jsut what I do.

Enjoy the games, folks.