Wednesday night, the NBA cancelled a game between the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder minutes before it started because one of its players, Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19. The game was cancelled and both teams were put under quarantine. The NBA acted in swift order to cancel the rest of the season until further notice and place all other teams the Jazz had played in the past two weeks (including the Toronto Raptors) under quarantine as well.

Meanwhile the NHL quickly became aware of the situation, and after about an hour, released a statement saying they will release a statement in the morning. There were still a lot of things the league needed to do before making a decision, even one as serious as this.

According to multiple sources, the league still needs to speak to the owners, executive board members of the NHLPA,

As for the case where the league does decide to suspend play, Darren Dreger offered up a theory as to how the season would be finished. End the regular season at whatever games played each team already has (potentially move to points percentage to determine standings), and move straight to the playoffs once the suspension is lifted.

Later in the night, the NBA’s G-League (their version of the AHL) also suspended play due to the coronavirus pandemic. The AHL does not have any games scheduled for Thursday, but they have 20 teams playing on Friday, including the Toronto Marlies and six other teams in their division.

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NBA Suspends season
NHL does not follow the NBA in suspending play

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