We lost a national icon Sunday. I don’t know exactly what all your ages are, but I can bet at some point, you turned on the TV at 7:30 PM and caught an episode of Jeopardy. Whether it was a moment of genius-like fire where a contestant would sweep the board on their own or that anxiety-inducing “True Daily Double” Alex Trebek was there for all of it.

It goes beyond the fact that he was a Canadian being a native of Sudbury, Ontario. Alex Trebek was a part of our lives in some way or another. Unfortunately, as terribly sad as his passing is it wasn’t a shock. Trebek had been going through a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer choosing to still host shows during treatment. He was even a part of the 2020 NHL Draft proving the Ottawa Senators could do something cool for once.

You’ll be missed Alex and I thought there would be no better way to continue our memories of you, than to play a Leafs style of Jeopardy. Cue the music.


  • What’s the stache?
  • Can I get your number?
  • Cap-tain (questions will be involve Leafs contracts)
  • The Dark Ages
  • Weeeeeee (questions about William Nylander)/

Let’s begin!

”Cap-tain for $400”

“This former Leaf only played a single year of his new contract that carried a $5.5 million cap hit before being bought out in 2013.”

Can you guess what it is?

Perhaps I’ll expand this Leafs Jeopardy game and make it something all fans can play in honour of Alex Trebek.

Rest in Power.