The NHL had every reason to shut down the season in some form or another — and they basically did with over four dozen games postponed in this month alone — but they’ve very seriously tried to keep January 1st and early February alive through postponements.

The Winter Classic is set to be played on New Year’s Day and has always been vital to ticket revenues, even though the TV product is usually pretty bad. The All-Star Weekend is set to be in Vegas this year from February 3rd to 6th, just before their Olympic break from the 7th to 22nd. Again, the All-Star events appear to be interesting live, but make you fall asleep on TV. Maybe it’s just me, do people like the ASG?

Whether or not it’s the safe thing to do for the teams or their fans, the league wants full houses for their two marquee events.

Question. Do you like the Winter Classic? ASG? And I’m talking about the TV product because that’s how pretty much all of us are going to consume it in 2022.

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Further to the most recent link, here is the tweet thread by Calgary’s Mayor, Jyoti Gondek. It outlines all of the city’s spending and investments, why the number increased (by 1.5%) for both sides, and that the Flames are throwing a fit over it.

Check out Artur Akhtyamov for a second time this week making some unorthodox saves!

Hours before their game against the Golden Knights, Lightning head coach Jon Cooper tested positive for COVID-19. He was the only positive case and the game went on (Tampa won 4-3 in a comeback fashion). This was the last game before the Christmas break.

And finally, a hockey fight for the ages! You have to see this.