This post will be the complete list of all the games that aren’t happening, and we’ll also include news if we get rescheduling information.

At first games were postponed for Covid reasons, now the NHL is moving games set in Canadian rinks to later in the season in the hopes of getting full ticket revenue.

Toronto Maple Leafs Games Officially Postponed

  • Leafs at Flames (December 16)
  • Leafs at Canucks (December 18)
  • Leafs at Kraken (December 19)
  • Leafs vs Blues (December 23)
  • Leafs at Blue Jackets (December 27)
  • Leafs vs Penguins (December 29)
  • Leafs vs Carolina (January 3)
  • Leafs at Montréal (January 6)
  • Leafs vs Devils (January 17)/

Maple Leafs Rescheduled Games

Two games vs the New York Islanders have been swapped. The home game on January 22, becomes a road game in Long Island, and the home game is pushed to April 17.

Toronto Marlies Games Officially Postponed

  • Marlies @ Griffins (December 18 and 19)
  • Marlies vs Penguins (December 21)
  • Marlies vs Senators (December 26 at SBA)
  • Marlies vs Bruins (December 28)
  • Marlies @ Rocket (January 7 & 8)/

Toronto Marlies New Dates

  • The two games at Grand Rapids have been rescheduled:/
  • The December 26th game has been rescheduled to January 3 at 3pm, but it will not be at the SBA. It will be at Coca-Cola Coliseum.
  • Multiple Marlies games have new start times in the afternoon, check the schedule if you were planning to watch.
  • The Dec 21st game vs the Penguins is not on March 22
  • The two January games vs Laval are now on April 27 and 28/


The NHL has officially withdrawn from the Olympics, but as of now the All-Star Break is still on. The Olympic break will be used to partly make up for the 50+ games to date that have been postponed.