Where in the world is William Nylander? It’s become a game to try and spot him in Toronto, or claim that your friend’s friend’s cousin saw him at Taco Bell last night, because if he is here it must mean finalising his contract is imminent. Hockey Twitter is, of course, all over the Nylander watch, but as far as I can tell he is not yet here. But he could be! So keep those Nylander sighting reports coming on Twitter, folks.

In any case, Katya won’t let us go to sleep until he signs, or is traded, or whatever, so that we can publish the story immediately. It has now been 48 hours since I had any sleep and I think I am starting to hallucinate.

I am seeing a hockey player... traded by the Leafs organization... to the Flames...

Oh, wait. That’s real.

Leafs Trade Andrew Nielsen to Flames for Morgan Klimchuk - Fulemin
The Marlies shed an excess defender and add a forward.

So long, Andrew Nielsen! My work is now complete. Well, except for the Nylander work part. There’s only one man who can end this. Come on, Kyle! Get it done today so I can go to bed.

We’ll have a preview of tonight’s game vs. the Sharks up later this morning. We’re still waiting for official confirmation that Auston Matthews will be back in the lineup tonight but the word on the street is he will be in the game.

Here’s what we wrote about yesterday.

The Maple Leafs 5-Game Process: Will this wining get boring? - Katya
The Leafs remain in the top echelon of the league standings and are third in the Atlantic. That’s just how it is right now.

Other News

van Riemsdyk sticks are always right where you need them.

There were a lot of great saves last night.

McDavid was robbed of this goal too. Looks to me like it probably did go over the line.

Underachieving, bad contracts, and lack of direction - St. Louis Game Time
The St. Louis Blues fired their head coach last week, and over the course of three games proved that the rotting corpse is still located in the clubhouse. Sometimes, change can do the body good, but it doesn’t fix all the problems.

Islanders’ power play woes require more Barzal - Lighthouse Hockey
Limiting Mathew Barzal’s to the second unit is tangibly hurting shot generation.

Steve Yzerman, Ron Francis, and Chuck Fletcher in consideration for GM - The Inquirer
The Flyers' GM search is underway and it will end with someone without any ties to the organization.

Lemieux's $22M Que. mansion yet to sell: realtor - CTV News
Penguins part-owner Mario Lemieux’s $22 million property has been on the market for more than four months, but his realtor says Lemieux isn’t worried.