After the first night of the NHL Draft, everyone is wondering the same thing... what are the Leafs going to do this weekend? Sure, they didn’t have a pick in the first round to use last night, but no one really cares about any of the losers that did. All the cool kids don’t have first round picks!

You can talk about the second day of the draft here.

Recapping the Maple Leafs’ busy night... first, Johnston at Sportsnet revealed that the Leafs were getting close to signing Kasperi Kapanen to a new contract. Dubas was reportedly not done, first also meeting with Andreas Johnsson’s agent...

And the agents for Jake Gardiner and Patrick Marleau....

And then talking to some other GM’s, maybe setting the tables for some trades tomorrow???

For shits and giggles, the Leafs apparently also looked into trading for PK Subban because why the fuck not?

Here’s a roundup of other rumours from yesterday. In addition to maybe being close to re-signing Kapanen, they might also been shopping him for a defenseman. Or that’s Connor Brown. Or both. Who knows in this crazy world!

I’m hearing rumblings.... RUMBLINGS!

Presented without comment...

“It may happen, it may not happen, but I think, if you’re asking me right now what I think is going to happen, I think it may happen. There’s a sense that something may happen, and if it were to happen, you have to think it wouldn’t be not happening. Everything is possible. Now, having said that, you don’t make it happen unless you’re damned sure you want to make it happen. Does [GM] want to make it happen? I can’t answer that question – I’m not a mind reader. But certainly the signs are there. Everything is possible. So, what we’re looking at is a situation where, if you want to make it happen, are you prepared to make it happen? That’s what [GM] has to ask himself. I don’t envy him.”

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