With the news (not technically official yet) that the new St. John’s ECHL team will be the affiliate of the Toronto Maple Leafs, PPP needs a writer or writers to blog about the new team.

We would prefer to have someone local to St. John’s write about this team, what it feels like to have hockey back, what it means to have the ECHL move into Canada with another team, and also, bring some of that local understanding and knowledge of your team and your city to Leafs fans all over the world.

To begin, I’d like to issue an invitation to any fan of hockey in St. John’s to write a FanPost and tell us about your feelings on having a team back at Mile One and what you hope for as they get going next season. You can even just write about what you want them called. Whatever you think is important is what you should write about.

Note that you must join the site and wait 24 hours to write a FanPost.

After the summer is over and a team is up and running, we’ll decide how we want to cover the team here. We have covered the ECHL to one degree or another for years, and we’d like to continue with that in the new location.

If you’d like to join PPP to write about the Leafs, the Marlies, the Furies or the Thunder, the advice I always give is to join the site, learn what we’re about, and write a FanPost or two.  When playoffs are over, we’ll be able to more accurately asses our needs for writers for next year.

Also, any of you out there who are watching the Prince Albert Raiders, the Ohio Buckeyes, the Kingston Frontenacs or any other team our prospects are still playing on, consider that FanPost door open to you, too.  Most of our writers on the masthead started out either as regular members of the community or as FanPosters.

PPP is committed to building and maintaining a diverse group of voices for our site, in order to maintain the community feeling we all enjoy here. We try to live up to that in what we cover, who we hire, how we cover the game and in everything we do. We try to live the idea that hockey is for everyone as best we can.  That ideal needs to resonate with you for you to enjoy writing for this site.

So if you want to write about hockey, we want to hear from you. The FanPost page is ready and waiting for you.