Welcome to 2018!

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are on a seven game winning streak, and lead the NHL Western Conference.

I bet those are two sentences you would never have guessed you would read together a few years ago, or even one year ago. Let’s hope the 18 part of the 2017-18 season is kinder to the Leafs than yesterday’s game.

Ending on a low note: Leafs 3 - Golden Knights 6 - Arvind

There’s not much going on today because everyone is still hung over from last night, and the only game scheduled is the Winter Classic at 1:00PM between the Rangers and Sabres. The World Junior Championship resumes tomorrow.


The most interesting thing to come across my radar in the past 12 hours is this.

It’s slim pickings for news, folks.

Have a great year, PPPPeople!