Free agent day is tomorrow! It’s the 150th anniversary of a hockey player being overpaid because he won a cup that one time.  At least I guess that’s what all those sesquicentennial signs are about.

Today is fantasy lineup day.  The signings haven’t happened, most of the trades we were promised at the draft haven’t appeared, and the rumours are drying up faster than all the rain is.  Let’s make up fantasy Leafs lines.

Doing it now is even better than training camp, because we don’t have the waters muddied with how players are actually performing.

To start you off some Twitter entries from people who are more or less serious about their ideas:

That’s the promote the 20-year-old rookie style of lineup. The next one is the opposite end of the spectrum:

No, you call him Mr Thornton, and you bring him his coffee how he likes it.

Somewhere in the middle of pure fantasy “all the star UFAs at once” and “this kid is available, let’s play him” is likely the reality of what the Leafs lines will be.  But if we’re talking fantasy, here’s mine:



Frederik Andersen
Chad Johnson

I sent Josh Leivo to Florida in the Demers trade, so my extra forward spot is open for Denis Malgin who I got back from them as payment for the semi-salary dump.  I might call up Andreas Johnsson in an emergency.  I might try Calle Rosén in the NHL just to see how he goes, or Miro Aaltonen.  At any rate, I’m rotating guys in and out of the pressbox so those bloggers have something to write about!