The Maple Leafs had last night off, but the Marlies had a pre-season game against the Rochester Americans played in Thorold. Included on the team were many players who will fill out the new Newfoundland Growlers roster. The Marlies lost this one 4-2, but the more urgent news is that we have our first injury of the season!

Well that sounds funny, it’s probably painful in that really annoying way where it lingers for days and hits you every time you move your thumb the wrong way. Someone please put all our precious prospects in bubble wrap, at least until the regular season actually starts.

Meanwhile, Auston Matthews has taken up a side job as a male model.

The Leafs will continue the pre-season with back-to-back games against the Red Wings tonight in Toronto, tomorrow in Detroit. After that, it’s all clear until game one of the regular season which is ednesday night against the Canadiens.

The team has to be roster compliant by close of business on Tuesday so expect some final roster cut announcements to come at any time. Remember there are several players who will have to be offered on waivers if they do not make the final Leafs roster and we will likely here about that on Monday or early Tuesday.

Mike Babcock: “to win, you need heavy people” - (transcript) MLHS
”We’ve got to be detailed and structured. Good players are one thing. Good scheme and doing it right every day is another thing.” - Babcock

Other News

The most intersting part of this GIF is that you can se when the jersey rides up a bit that the Gritty costume has a belleybutton, which... why?

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"Boucher had Zack Smith slotted as the second line centre, and had planned on keeping him there for tomorrow’s game. He went so far to say that if Smith cleared waivers and remained with the team, that’s exactly where he would still end up in the lineup. Roster moves are ultimately up to management and not coaching, so could this be Dorion making a Moneyball-like move to take the lineup decision out of Boucher’s hands?"

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"Hockey players are tough. Injuries are just setbacks. This time was different."