Awww, isn’t that adorable.  Also, did they make that one kid get blue glasses just for this pic?  Personally my feelings are with the youngest Marleau, family photos are dumb.

But now we want to know what number will Connor Brown wear on his back? Okay, the number that will be on his contract, that’s important too.  But contracts only count for cap space, numbers on jerseys are serious business.

He was 28 in junior hockey, and Kapanen took that number.  He was 29 on the Marlies and that one’s taken as well.  There’s this photo of Brown at prospect camp, but Lou would never let him have that number.

(Or that hair.  Thank you, Lou.)

So what number will it be?  Will he duke it out with Kapanen for 28?  Will he just take whatever’s left over because he’s a grown man and doesn’t care?  Will he double the 12 to 24 in honour of his salary doing more than doubling?

Or is Dominic Moore going to get 28, and cause even more trouble?

Quit signing players, Lou, this is complicated.

What number will Connor Brown get?

What number will Connor Brown get?

3 million over 4 years288
2.8 million over 5 years231