Good morning.

With the Leafs game ending well after midnight, today’s FTB will feature a generic introduction to ensure that there is insightful analysis regardless of last night’s outcome.

What a (great/horrible) game for the Leafs. Frederik Andersen just (came up big/didn’t come up big) when it mattered the most. Toronto’s defence sure looks (great/weak) of late. Did you see Tavares’ (goal/ face-off win)?!

The Leafs clearly (wanted/forgot) to win this game for Patrick Marleau, and you could tell that this was an important game for him, because he sure looked (great/nervous). I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Babcock gave this team a (pizza party/ bag skate) today. This team just looks (amazing/horrific) right now.

Here are today’s links:

In Case You Missed It

North American prospect report: Two points for everyone!- Elseldo

We are thinking of changing the name of this website from to Stay tuned.

Mailbag: Leafs’ Defence and Saved By The Bell- Acting the Fulemin

Acting the Fulemin answers your questions and provides some detailed advice here, which is why he’s commonly referred to as the Dr.Phil of hockey writers.

The three paths William Nylander can walk- Katya Knappe

My guess is that Nylander’s hair is in that awkward in-between phase, and he’s just waiting for it to grow before he signs.

Who is doing the shooting on the Leafs?- Arvind

Arvind breaks down Toronto’s shooters this year. I recommend reading it if you haven’t already.

From the Branches

The complete Maple Leafs prospect rankings, November 2018 edition- Scott Wheeler, The Athletic

Scott ranks Toronto’s prospects, and there’s a bit of a surprise at the top. Fedor Gordeev ranks 19th on Scott’s list, but #1 in our hearts.

Leafs Musings: A Big Weekend for Sandin and Liljegren, Standout Forwards on the Marlies, and Thoughts on the William Nylander Rumours- Kevin Papetti, Maple Leafs Hot Stove

You can find my latest thoughts on Sandin and Liljegren here, and I also spoke about just how good Trevor Moore and Mason Marchment have been. Liljegren did not play as well on Tuesday, but neither did half the team.

How high is Travis Dermott’s ceiling?- Nick Desouza, Maple Leafs Nation

I hope you like Dermott GIFs.

The value of the stretch pass and how the Leafs can better utilize it- Ian Tulloch, The Athletic

This is a long but interesting read about the stretch pass from earlier this week.

Have a good Friday!