The Buffalo Sabres have been historically bad this season, which makes it all the more impressive that the Philadelphia Flyers spotted them a 3-0 lead after an embarrassing two periods of their own.

Sabres implode late as historic losing streak continues
Flyers 4, Sabres 3: Skirting disaster

To start the game, the Flyers looked terrified in their own zone — they had no idea what to do when they were there. Conversely, the Sabres looked like they had never stepped foot in the offensive zone in their lives. This picture can sum it up.

Flyer 1: “What do we do back here?”
Flyer 2: “Coach said protect the goalie.”
Flyer 1: “OK”

Sabre 1: “I want to shoot!”
Sabre 2: “No, I want to shoot!”
Sabre 3: “Let me! I haven’t gotten a shot in seven years!”

Flyer 3: “That didn’t work, now what do we do?”
Flyer 2: “Cover someone, you idiot!”
Flyer 3: “OK”

And then the craziest, most normal thing happened. The Sabres gave up a goal. And then another. And then another. And then a fourth in overtime to lose the game they had a three-goal lead in with less than 20 minutes in the game.

You can tell this team is broken, rotten to the core, when their most recent first overall pick Rasmus Dahlin literally says the team had a panic attack because they hadn’t had a lead before. If that doesn’t light the warning beacons of Gondor, I don’t know what does.

I looked at the Sabres roster. I couldn’t name you an outspoken veteran on that team that would know how to calm his teammates and guide them through a game like that. Because even the worst team in the league can suppress a game down enough to not allow three goals in 20 minutes. Just look at the Ottawa Senators!

Next week we’ll talk about what the heck is going on with the Philadelphia Flyers and why Alain Vigneault still has a job.

Various Leafs and Branches

Marlies Monday: hitting refresh on the Toronto Marlies roster after a busy week off the ice | by: me

Auston Matthews in the offensive zone with a goalpost | by: Katya

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Before the game, the Toronto Maple Leafs moved Liljegren, Hollowell, and Sabourin back to the Marlies where they all played later that afternoon. Marincin and Rosen were with the Leafs as extras on the Taxi Squad.

Speaking of Liljegren at the Marlies game, he scored this howitzer in the second to put the Marlies up.

And Semyon Der-Arguchintsev, who made his AHL debut, got his first point with a wicked pass to Adam Brooks. His primary assist was eventually for the game-winner.

In former Leafs news, Patrick Marleau passed Mark Messier last night. 10 more to Gordie Howe.

Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad is out for the season.