Do the Toronto Maple Leafs have a goalie problem?

Heading into camp it was because they had too many goalies, and now two weeks into the season they have the opposite: not enough goalies.

Kasimir Kaskisuo was injured on the weekend, which led to ECHL Newfoundland Growlers goalie being called up to back up Jeff Glass.

Today it was announced that Frederik Andersen has a knee injury and won’t be playing tonight. So, as the #4 goalie in the system (Glass is on an AHL deal), Eamon McAdams is now being called up to back up Garret Sparks.

The game is at 7:30, and I hope you’re looking forward to a nice, stress-free game.

Go Leafs Go!

I hope.

Will McAdams see any game time?

No, Sparks has this201
No, they won’t put an ECHL goalie in net tongiht no matter what63
Yes, if the Leafs are comfortably ahead7
Yes, he’s going to be needed9