Good morning Maple Leafs fans!

I hope you've all gassed up and got your passports ready, because it's time to head down the QEW, wait an hour at the Peace Bridge, find a parking lot that won't find your car ransacked and take over the HSBC Marine First Key Midland Niagara Bank Centre Arena!

The Leafs head to Buffalo tonight, where they'll take on the forever rebuilding Sabres infront of 15,000 Maple Leafs fans!

Yes, it's one of the games that Sabres season ticket holders will sell to pay for the other games that they will eventually sell for 5 bucks in March because the team is once again eliminated from playoff contention early and no one wants to go to the games.

Even though the Leafs are coming off a loss to Chicago, this game will have been two days since that game in Chicago, instead of 22 hours after with  an overnight flight.

So gear up, and be a good guest so you don't get shoved down an escalator by a Sabres fan who is mad their team is terrible, like one tried to do to my pregnant wife, and take over that arena that gets renamed as many times as the Canucks change jerseys!

Here's some news to chat about.

Are the Maple Leafs done dealing? I hope not. Let's get someone else's captain.

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The Jack Campbell contract gets better and better.

Skinner has earned the crease in Edmonton -

Wow. The Pavel Kubina erasure.

Jets’ Morrissey breaks franchise record for points by a defenceman in single season –

But like, with actual celebrities, not the usual D-List Canadians.

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Enjoy your day on Buffalo everyone!

Remember: Chicken Tenders > Buffalo Wings.