We don’t get to see Connor McDavid and his friends in Toronto very often. In the past that was too bad as they were such a fun team to see implode in every game they played. The Oilers have things a little more together this season, but not that much. The Leafs did trounce them 4-1 back in December when they went to Edmonton.

The whole Pacific division is a weird one this season with the Coyotes leading it and the Canucks coming up the ranks on a seven game winning streak. While those two have soared, the Oilers have stagnated. Let’s hope the Leafs can take advantage of them tonight too. We’ll have a preview of tonight’s game up later this morning.

Also, who said they could have a game on a Monday?

The  Marlies lost to the Phantoms 4-2 last night. We’ll have a recap of their weekend games up soon.

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