It’s been more than a whole week since the Maple Leafs last played a game. If you’re lucky, you’ve forgotten about that one. The Leafs started bye-week on a sour note, losing 6-2 to the Blackhawks and falling out of a playoff spot.

Maple Leafs game recap: Cancel the bye week. No one deserves a vacation

Things kind of need to turn around quickly for this team starting this week with their swing through the Central Division; first Nashville, and then Dallas, before a home game against the Senators on Saturday.

We did see Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and Frederik Andersen at the All-Star Game in St. Louis these past two days.

I admit, I didn’t actually watch it directly. I had the TV on CBC, but it was more of a look and see what’s happening every few minutes kind of thing while I was watching something else on my laptop. I did catch Auston Matthews—interesting—fashion choices though.

The Marlies lost in OT yesterday, ending off a road trip they almost certainly want to forget about. With eight games they had only one win (this includes the forfeited game against the Stars). The bad news just keeps on coming with injuries.

There’s no updates yet on Marchment’s status. The team gets a little break now as the AHL All-Star Game takes place today and tomorrow.

Other News

Here’s your obligatory All-Star Game highlight featuring Andersen teaming up with David Pastrnak to get a goal for the Atlantic Division team.

Speaking of highlights.

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How much of the All-Star events did you watch?

All of both events.7
I watched one of the two events.13
I watched bits of it, but not one full night.63
I only watched some clips and highlights on the internet.41
Absolutely none of it.133