The Leafs lost the SEGABABA against the Blue Jackets last night, with the team putting in a messy defensive performance in front of poor Joseph Woll playing his first NHL game of the season. Here’s our GIF recap of the game:

Leafs try the one good period gambit, it doesn’t pay out

Matthews and Murray can’t come back soon enough.

Everyone is talking about this goal and whether or not it was a high stick deflection.

The Leafs next game is Wednesday against the Chicago Blackhawks at home in Toronto.

Other News

Jakob Chychrun was a healthy scratch for the Coyotes last night for “trade realted reasons” which, how nice of them to come right out and say it. Where could he be going?

That’s actually a replacement for the first version of a Tweet he quickly deleted but we still captured.

I’ll let you all decide if that “first” was a typo, or an accidental slip of information that was not to be released.

Leafs second round draft pick Fraser Minten scored his 25th goal in 40 games-played for the Kamloops Blazers last night.

It’s not often Sidney Crosby gets ejected from a game, but it happened last night.

Ukrainian refugee hockey team wins 1st game at Quebec City tournament | CBC News
Team Ukraine Select, made up of 11-and-12-year-old refugees, won 3-1 against the Boston Junior Bruins Saturday.

Bally Sports RSNs Planning for Bankruptcy This Week, Sources Say – Sportico.
The bankruptcy could have a dramatic impact for some of the most popular (and most valuable) sports teams in the U.S., particularly in the NBA, NHL and MLB, where local TV rights have for decades been a significant and reliable revenue stream.

There’s a whole pile of matinee games this afternoon, including the Oilers against the Habs in Montreal at 12:30, which is 10:30 a.m. in Edmonton. And the Canucks fans think they have it bad with their 4:00 p.m. starts in Toronto...

However, there are no games at all scheduled for this evening. I wonder why? What other event could be happening tonight that the NHL wouldn’t want to compete against?