After the NHL playoffs had two days’ worth of games postponed as a result of the player boycott, the NHL has released its schedule for the makeup games.

Philadelphia Flyers (1) vs. New York Islanders (6)

(Series tied, 1-1)

  • Saturday, Aug. 29: Flyers vs. Islanders, 7 p.m | NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVAS
  • Sunday, Aug. 30: Flyers vs. Islanders, 8 p.m.| NBC, SN, CBC, TVAS
  • Tuesday, Sept. 1: Islanders vs. Flyers, 7 p.m. | NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVAS
  • Thursday, Sept. 3: Flyers vs. Islanders, TBD | TBD
  • Saturday, Sept. 5: Islanders vs. Flyers, TBD | TBD/

Tampa Bay Lightning (2) vs. Boston Bruins (4)

(Tampa Bay leads series, 2-1)

  • Saturday, Aug. 29: Lightning vs. Bruins, Noon I NBC, SN, TVAS
  • Monday, Aug. 31: Bruins vs. Lightning, 7 p.m. | NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVAS
  • Wednesday, Sept. 2: Lightning vs. Bruins, TBD | TBD
  • Thursday, Sept. 3: Bruins vs. Lightning, TBD | TBD/

Vegas Golden Knights (1) vs. Vancouver Canucks (5)

(Series tied, 1-1)

  • Saturday, Aug. 29: Golden Knights vs. Canucks, 9:45 p.m. | NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVAS
  • Sunday, Aug. 30: Canucks vs, Golden Knights, 10:30 p.m.| NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVAS
  • Tuesday, Sept. 1: Canucks vs. Golden Knights, 9:45 p.m.| NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVAS
  • Thursday, Sept. 3: Golden Knights vs. Canucks, TBD | TBD
  • Friday, Sept. 4: Canucks vs. Golden Knights, TBD | TBD/

Colorado Avalanche (2) vs. Dallas Stars (3)

(Dallas leads series, 2-1)

  • Sunday, Aug. 30: Avalanche vs. Stars, 6 p.m. | NBCSN, SN1, SN360, TVAS
  • Monday, Aug. 31: Stars vs. Avalanche, 9:45 p.m. | NBCSN, SN, TVAS
  • Wednesday, Sept. 2: Avalance vs. Stars, TBD | TBD
  • Friday, Sept. 4: Stars vs. Avalanche, TBD | TBD/

It’s funny how out of touch with everything I was the night that the players in the NBA and other leagues already boycotted their games. I completely missed that the Lightning absolutley crushed Boston, or that Colorado won a high scoring game 3 to make it a series.

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Friday evening, Dan Milstein — agent of soup enthusiast Ilya Mikheyev — tweeted this out at the NUSR-ET Steakhouse and got us all on edge for a pending RFA signing.

Speaking of signings, looks like the St. Louis Blues have their work cut out for them to re-sign Alex Pietrangelo. I do think they move heaven and earth and other contracts out to re-sign him, but you never know.