The Maple Leafs did the Devils a favour last night and allowed them to clinch their playoff spot.

New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs after beating the Maple Leafs 2-1

The Leafs last game is Saturday night against the Canadiens. The playoff schedule has not yet been published as the last spots are still not clinched, notably in the Western Conference. Whoever gets in, the playoffs are expected to start on Wednesday April 11.

Here’s what we wrote about on Thursday.

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Other News

The Panthers saw both the Flyers and Devils win last night, but they won too and kept their playoff hope alive. They now face elimination on Saturday if the Flyers win their game. If the Flyers don’t, the Panther have to win both Saturday night, and their snowstorm makeup game against the Bruins on Sunday.

In other game news last night, this is like something you would see in my basement.

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