This has been an un-good start to the week for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

First, we found out that Auston Matthews will miss around a month due to his injured shoulder. May Trouba have his contacts get stuck in his eyelids. It’s a big blow to the Leafs, because even if they have (in theory) a still top tier offense without Matthews, last night was a good indication of what they lose. It creates a big hole that forced the lines to be mixed up and less balanced, with less of a top 9 and bottom 3 and more of a top 6 and bottom 6.

Hey! Speaking of last night, the Leafs put up a stinker of a performance against the Calgary Flames — they may have only lost 3-1, but it was an uninspired effort. They were flat in the first period, actually pretty good in the second, but I have no proof that they even came out of the dressing room until around halfway through the third period.

If only we had a hot young Swedish winger with dynamic offensive abilities that we could bring into the lineup to help overcome Matthews’ absence...

Oh right. Let me continue to make myself sad watching old highlights of William Nylander and pining for him to play in this lineup, and for Matthews to have a speedy recovery so we can FINALLY have our fully optimal forward group together.

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Have a good Tuesday!

Who needs to step up with Matthews out and Nylander still not signed?