Hey, it’s Monday.

The Leafs are playing the Islanders.

They just waived Dryden Hunt yesterday to bring Brodie back, or call Holmberg back up? We’ll find out! UPDATE: We did!

Kyle Dubas was out scouting two pretty bad OHL teams yesterday, in Mississauga and Niagara.

Neither team has many draft eligible prospects of note, so if I were to guess why he was scouting them I’d say it goes back to Kasper Larsen. He’s an overage defenseman who Toronto had at their camp this past off-season and seemed like a guy they might sign to an AHL deal, but he ultimately returned to the OHL for one more year.

There’s more shit from the fallout of the Canucks-Boudreau debacle. They finally fired him, and the usual sort of thing happened that some poor social media people who had nothing to do with how he was treated will have to deal with in terms of backlash.

There’s a name I haven’t heard in a while...

Referee Francois St. Laurent Injured at Kings/Predators... ouch.

Something cool from the annals of hockey history, courtesy of seldo.