Good Morning. Do you recall the Marlies game suspended for a fan emergency? The outcome:

The rest of that game will be played soon as well.

Bruce, King of the not quite fired, is getting attention in other countries, this situation is so weird:

This is his post game:

I’m helped out a lot in this situation by really disliking Rick Tocchet, so when he and his bros roll up to take over, I’ll be happily disdaining all Canucks.

But for all this “it’s a business” talk, I’ve got no time. You all know that I don’t think the NHL is a socialist collective putting hockey on as a public utility. I think that view of any business is childishly naive. But you choose how you do business.

You choose to pay people well or not. You choose to set up a business model where someone works for crumbs out of “passion” or you don’t. You make the hard decisions in an honest and forthright way or you waffle when someone asks you if everyone is going to get paid. You can line people up to get red lights or green lights on their security pass like Google did, or you just find their damn emails and tell them before they’re in public.

When “it’s a business” becomes your excuse for bad choices, this leaves us, the consumers who want a pizza delivered, a restaurant meal, an Amazon order, a taxi ride, or to read about the Canucks shenanigans, with all the choices dumped on our heads. This is the personal responsibility mantra of the people who never take responsibility for their own actions. Consumer choice is supposed to sort it all out so no one has to feel guilty for how they run their business.

There is no business case for this spectacle in Vancouver. In fact, any rando could come up with a few for why you don’t do it that way. This is weak decision making built on amorality. This is failure to act in an honest way.

To King Bruce, leader of the not yet unemployed, when the light flashes red, I really hope some rich team offers you a consultant seat up in the owner’s box. If for no other reason than to hear the stories of trying to make Tyler Myers and Oliver Ekman Larsson look like actual NHL defencemen while Luke Schenn outplays them.