Welcome to 2022! May it be better than 2021.

I feel like I said something very similar exactly one year ago...

The Maple Leafs are back in action against the Ottawa Senators tonight after an extra long holiday break due to games postponed both because many members of the team contracted COVID on their road trip in Western Canada.

From yesterday’s practice lines, it looks like the COVID situation is now mostly resolved.

It’s great to see Marner back, and Ilya Mikheyev too, whom you may have missed actually returned from his annual major injury on December 14 and played in the one game against the Oilers before the Leafs were shut down.

The Marlies play the Senators too this afternoon, after stomping them 5-2 in Belleville on Thursday.

Other News

Brian Elliott had a really bad night. Here’s gaffe #1.

Here’s gaffe #2.

Alex Ovechkin set an NHL record last night.

The below has since been confirmed by another journalist.

Apparently the plane was carrying all three of the Czech, Russian, and Finnish teams. The Finnish team was allowed to stay on the flight which eventually left several hours late. The Russians and Czechs were removed and have to stay in Canada until they can book another flight.