The Leafs have had a stretch of uneventful hockey, and now we’ll get to see them at 2 in the afternoon! All jokes aside, this has been one of the games fans have looked forward to because of the historical significance.

100 years ago, the Leafs were the Toronto Arenas and played their first game in franchise history on December 19th, 1917. Mike Babcock would’ve lost his mind at the end of that one as the Arena’s lost 10-9 in the shootout.

Will that happen again this afternoon? The Leafs may not have Auston Matthews again, and he thrives in these kinds of games.

Centennial Classic

St. Pats Game

It’s possible; anything can happen on Toronto Maple Leafs Day (Thanks, John Tory).

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Happy Tuesday everyone. Keep on Be-Leafing! (or Arena-ing...)