There was big news yesterday for Maple Leafs fans. William Nylander announced he is changing his number back to what he had playing in the SHL.

William Nylander is changing his jersey number to one 88 times luckier

Not only is the number 88 back on the Leafs, he’s arranged to pay for you to have the number on your jersey changed.

However, I recommend that you don’t do that. Having an obscure oddity of a jersey is good for fan cred sometime 30 years from now when William Michael Junior Jr. is drafted by the Leafs.

Beyond that, there’s so many reasons to love Willy!

He makes great assists.

He scores great goals, including his first ever NHL goal against the Sens!

He has great cellys.

And he’s a good kid.

This is also great as s distraction from the never-ending story of Mitchell Marner’s RFA contract. Don’t sue me if he signs today.

Top 25 Under 25
We’re about to kick off our Maple Leafs Top 25 Under 25 series. It is a famously accurate and precise ranking we do each summer of every single player who is under the age of 25 in the Leafs system.

I have never once been wrong thanks to the detailed and in-depth analysis performed for me by the kittens at the PPP ranch.

Arvind likes to do it all that on his own and guess what he came up with: Martin Marincin ranked at number 5 smh.

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Before we start talking about the new prospects let’s look back at how very, very wrong we all were so many times in the past.

Other News

After watching the success of the Blues and their goal song Gloria by Laura Branigan last season the Devils have decided to adopt a different Laura Branigan song for their team next season. The Devils mascot was practicing for it on the weekend.

The Avalanche made a move.

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