Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It's election day here in Canada and it's about time. Four weeks of this stuff and I'm done, thank goodness it wasn’t one of those grueling eight week elections. (Write an apology to the American readers here)

If you want to talk election you can do so over here. All the important discussions we have will be there;

  • Who would pull off cargo shorts best; Joe Clark or Kim Campbell?
  • Would a Bennet Buggy be faster than Jason Allison on a penalty shot?
  • Which PM would put ketchup on his hot dog?
  • Is it proper for a prime minister to run anywhere or carry an umbrella?
  • And which Riding would Carlton the Bear win easiest?/

Aside from the election, we have not much else for you. Main camp is coming up, but otherwise the Leafs have been quiet.

The Traverse City tournament continued yesterday for the Leafs kids with a 7-3 win over the Dallas Stars prospects. The final game is today at 1 p.m. against Columbus. Our best Giffer Omar has plenty of highlights for you over on Twitter:

The Maple Leafs signed Nikita Gusev to a PTO over the weekend:

Maple Leafs sign Nikita Gusev to a PTO

Elsewhere in the news...

Zdeno Chara is going back to his first NHL team, the New York Islanders:

Islanders agree to terms with Zdeno Chara

The Tkachuk boys are at it again:

Amid worries over Brady Tkachuk's deal, Matthew adds fuel to anxious fires

Arctic Ice Hockey is making cases for overlooked players to get into the Hall of Fame:

A Case For the Hall Part 3

Fear the Fin has a preview of the Maple Leaf season. They like us! they really like us!

2021-22 Toronto Maple Leafs Preview: All or Nothing?

Alright folks, we’re 3 weeks from the season opener, and camp opens soon.

Enjoy your day, and do the voting thing. Even if you’ve already voted once, what are the odds you get caught, eh?