Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

We’re entering the sixth week of the NHL season and after 16 games the Leafs are 10-6-1 and are second in the Atlantic Division just behind the Florida Panthers. John Tavares is the goals leader (8), Mitch Marner leads in assists (11), and Johnny and William Nylander are tied in the points lead at 15 each.

There are four games coming up:

Tuesday night is game one of a three game homestand. The Nashville Predators come to town, and are a surprising third in the Central Division.

Thursday it’s the New York Rangers, another third place team (Atlantic Division).

The weekend has a back to back, which means Jack Campbell will get the night off.

First up on Saturday night it’s the Pittsburgh Penguins in Toronto, then the Leafs jet off to the shadow of New York City where the last place New York Islanders play.

Now, both of these games could cause problems for the back up; the Penguins have firepower and Sidney Crosby to be a big test but the Islanders have that rowdy crowd. Also, will the back up be Michael Hutchinson or Joseph Woll? Will the Leafs want a more veteran hand after Wolls shaky start against the Sabres or give the kid another shot?

Which game do you give to the back up? And who will be the starter?

Penguins - Woll103
Penguins - Hutchinson33
Islanders - Woll343
Islanders - Hutchinson123
Start Campbell back to back67

Last night in women’s Olympic qualifying Slovakia beat South Korea 7-1, and Sweden beat France 3-2. Sweden would take the round-robin tournament and the final spot in the 2022 Winter Olympics, making Group B with Japan, the Czech Republic, Denmark and host China.

Former Leaf Leo Komarov is going to the KHL, as expected:

Last night the Toronto Marlies had a dramatic win over the Chicago Wolves, with Semyon Der-Arguchintsev scored the winner with one second left in overtime to give the Marlies a 2-1 victory and tie them for second place in the division.

The stars are fighting back - literally this time. First we had Connor McDavid talk about the lack of calls, and the potential return of interference laden hockey, and now Sidney Crosby just takes matters into his own hands:

Finally, a nice story about the Leafs EBUG Alexander Bishop.

U of T student goes pro for the Maple Leafs — Varsity Blues goalie Alexander Bishop’s ‘cup of coffee’

I hope everyone has a great day, week, or just some nice times here or there.