Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Today is the first pre-season game, and you can feel a little tingle of hockey in the air. It’s going to be sloppy, it will probably mostly be guys who won’t make the team, there will only be 10,000 fans in the stands but dammit it’s a hockey game and that’s all that matters.

Not really, because it’s pre-season but that’s fine. The Leafs host the Canadiens tonight, and we’ll have a preview for that later today.

Also announced yesterday is the first NHL jersey patch sponsor. The Washington Capitals and Caesars Sportsbook have teamed up to put a glaringly obvious and giant neon eyesore onto their jerseys. Look at this monstrosity!

Ads on jerseys are going to happen and will benefit the Maple Leafs

if you’re heading to tonight’s game remember to leave your cash at home:

Around  Leafs camp we got some stories:

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Some old, old, old faces from PPP popped up on MLHS

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The NHL has announced that they’ll be cracking down on cross checking...until owners don’t like losing games on power play goals.

NHL Cross-Checking Crackdown Explained

The Canadiens signed some guy, good for them.

Montreal Canadiens sign defenceman Sami Niku to one-year contract

It’s game day folks, let’s get ready.

Go Leafs Go!