Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

There comes a time in every relationship where you take stock of things. Look at yourself. Look at your partner. Look at you partners. Look at where you are and where they are.

How are things going? Is it just a rough patch? Are you actually overlooking some downsides to having them in your life?

I think I was doing just that for a few years and now I think it's time the Niagara IceDogs and I go our separate ways.

There have been small and large incidents over the years I've come to seen I've let slide at times where I could have been more critical, or even just stopped being there ahead of time. There are incidents that I saw in person and regret not saying anything at the time because I was a grown ass man should have done something.

Now, with the news that General Manager Joey Burke and Head Coach Billy Burke have been suspended for over a year at minimum over team communications that degraded their women coworkers/employees, I'm done. I'm out. Forget it.

OHL Announces Findings of Investigation into Niagara IceDogs Hockey Club

Ontario Hockey League Commissioner David Branch today announced that Niagara IceDogs General Manager, Team Governor and minority owner Joey Burke and Head Coach and minority owner Billy Burke have been indefinitely suspended and, together with the team, fined a combined $150,000.00. An investigation was launched into their overall conduct following the League receiving transcripts of a March 6, 2022 WhatsApp conversation.

Based on the results of the League investigation, it is the position of the League that their conduct is prejudicial to the welfare of the OHL as it violates the Leagues’ Harassment & Abuse / Diversity Policy and also runs counter to the OHL’s Onside program which emphasizes the importance of demonstrating respect for women through actions and words.

I’ve spent countless hours at IceDogs games, worked with them in the 2011/12 season, and even stuck up for them when the owners kids were put in charge of things.

Tuesday's FTB: Niagara IceDogs keep it in the family

This isn’t the first big issue for the Burke family, this comes after multiple incidents with the team violating recruiting and compensation policies.

OHL investigation finds IceDogs signed secret deals with multiple players -

They’ve also reneged on scholarships for players, and have been the target of a rumored takeover from potential new owners.

Dogs for sale?

I witnessed other small aggressions while around the team behind the scenes, such as women’s hockey being called “bullshit” multiple times and one business employee running off an intern over her religious views (I was a meeker person at the time and didn’t say anything, which I feel awful about even a decade later).

While I still root for the players I watched play here, and am happy we have the Meridian Centre, and have some great memories from the past, but I can’t live in denial anymore, and as long as the Burkes are running the show, I’m out. I’m done.

Anyone want to buy some jerseys?

Here’s some other news.

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Yes, shut up.

Jake Muzzin’s horrible, no good, bad year

It can get better, right?

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Playoffs, schmayoffs, let’s get to training camp already!

The NHLPA and agents met yesterday.

News and notes as NHLPA, agents meet

"Fehr did say the independent investigation by outside counsel reviewing the NHLPA’s response to Kyle Beach will be completed “in the near future.” A statement released last October acknowledged the union “should have done more to protect Beach.” Asked if the report would be made public, he replied it would be up to the Executive Board."

Finally, here's a great game winner to start your day right.

The Maple Leafs play tonight at 8:30PM against the Dallas Stars, who are fighting for that final playoff spot with the Golden Knights.