What the hell, Maple Leafs fans?

I really have nothing to say aside from that.

An awful, awful weekend.

Awful starts to the season for key players.

So...there’s a game tonight against the Hurricanes at 7PM, if you’re interested in that at all. It’s on Sportsnet if you want to bother.

In a probably more exciting game, with a better outcome, and better players you can watch Game two of a pre-Olympic series with Canada vs USA. That’s also at 7PM on TSN5.

So, there’s a podcast you could listen to.

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Everyone's frustrated.

Fan launches Leafs jersey onto the ice just 5 games into NHL season

Look, i know the Leafs are bad right now, but at least - AT LEAST - we aren’t the Sabres. That said even Sabres fans don’t want to talk about their on ice performance.

Analyzing the Sabres’ Personal Goal Songs

We have a trade to announce. The Senators send the Sharks back their 2022 7th round pick in exchange for forward Dylan Gambrell.

Dylan Gambrell traded to Ottawa Senators

The Chicago Blackhawks are trying new things..

They also aren’t doing well.

This is very bad.

When will it get better?

Ah, so Wednesday.

We don’t want to leave you all on a downer, so here’s a story about someone trying something new, and it working:

Young hockey goalies in N.W.T. tried table tennis to improve coordination. It worked | CBC News

Enjoy your day!

I guess.