Yesterday in a completely shocking and last minute move pre-planned press conference, Kyle Dubas said “good progress is being made” in regards to Auston Matthews’ contract.

Last night on Sportsnet Ice Surfing Elliott Friedman said that Matthews’ camp was looking for a five year deal, rather than seven or eight, to get to unrestricted free agency as soon as possible.

It’s a rather silly idea, leaving Toronto. Not only will he get paid in salary, but there’s nowhere else in the NHL that a player can make more money on sponsor ships while he’s playing or while he’s retired. As it’s been said in many places, anyone who wears a Maple Leafs jersey is set for life on Alumni appearances, and autograph signings.

Plus, where else would you go? Arizona? They’d go bankrupt in the first year of that contract, just on the signing bonuses.

There’s no reason to think Matthews will sign for anything less than a max length deal. The more UFA years that are covered by a contract, the higher the salary.

Now, the news.

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Finally, a sweet, sweet, surprise later today?

Could our wildest hopes and dreams come true?

Oh. You suck, Nick.


Insider Marc Savard, who called the Nylander deal back in November, went for insider take two:

Later on, this was also tweeted out by TSN radio in Edmonton.

If this gets confirmed this morning by the team it makes the Koskinen deal even better.