Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

We are inching closer and closer to the start of the NHL pre- season and that means soon we'll have more news for you and boy am I excited for not having to tap dance through the FTB.

Yeah we have the Top 25 happening and everyone loves that but I want more. I'm getting the itch. I loved having my summer vacation where all I had to worry about was staying hydrated and keeping my sensitive ginger skin out of the sun.

But now I'm seeing tweets like this and I'm starting to long for the chill of an arena.

We are about a month out from the Traverse City prospects tournament, where the Leafs, Red Wings, and others will gather and show off their kids, but before that CHL training camps will open at the start of September. You want pre-season GIFs of prospects? No? Tough. They're coming.

So, as we continue to wait, know it's coming. It's almost here. But still so far away.

Here's some news.

Conspiracy or coincidence? What placing Matt Murray on long-term injured reserve means for the Maple Leafs and the NHL
The Leafs were believed to be one of the first to use LTIR to circumvent the cap when they placed Robidas there in 2015.

It's good. Just accept it.

Bunting reflects on Maple Leafs tenure, ready for next chapter in Carolina
Michael Bunting’s decision this summer wasn’t an easy one, but the former Toronto Maple Leafs winger is turning the page after signing a three-year, $13.5-million contract with the Carolina Hurricanes.

I bet his penalty numbers go down.

Joining multiple sclerosis campaign was personal for Maple Leafs’ T.J. Brodie
Brodie and wife Amber, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2016, join campaign to Beat MS

Today is a great excuse to go eat some hamburgers. A&W will donate $2 from every teen burger sold today to the MS society. I have friends and family affected so, I'm going to town on those things today.

Hockey Canada releases plan to promote equity, diversity and inclusion | CBC Sports
An audit to address gaps in pay equity, a reworked recruitment strategy and ensuring Indigenous representation in event bids are among the deliverables in a diversity and inclusion report released by Hockey Canada.

I'm pretty sure they've done this before but okay.

Finally, would you want to drastically overpay for a cruise just to meet some Leafs alumni? I sure as heck would not but the Lightning are getting in on the fan cruise action, and testing the waters for the rest of the league

Enjoy your day everyone!