Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It's Wednesday, November 23rd, I'm two sentences in and already stretching for time.

The big news in Leafs-land is Morgan Rielly’s injury, and we've already got you covered on that front, so I won't rehash it too much aside from him being gone until Christmas at the earliest is not good.

Morgan Rielly on LTIR
Can the Leafs fit another defender under the cap?

Out in the NCAA, the Big 10 conference says nothing racist happened that they can prove despite Jagger Joshua saying it did and a referee agreeing and giving a penalty to the opposing player. PK Subban and Jagger’s brother, former Leafs prospect Dakota Joshua have called this out.

Joshua of Canucks denounces racial slur toward brother in NCAA game

Oh goodness look at these lines. Mac Hollowell will make his Maple Leafs debut four years after being drafted.

Robertson with Tavares and Marner seems like it should be magic against the Devils tonight.

Speaking of tonight, the Leafs are in New Jersey, game starts at 7PM-ish and is on Sportsnet Ontario.

Enjoy your day everyone!