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It's a Friday in August [editor's note: we're not sure how to break the news to Adam that it's still only July] so that means there's probably a lot less of you than usual reading this, but that's ok! It's time for vacations, or switching to a night-based lifestyle to avoid the horrible, horrible, sun.

So, the big on-ice news is Ilya Samsonov filing for arbitration with the team, which we covered yesterday, and today we get some off-ice news with a good old ownership fight!

You can read up on the details over at the Hockey News if you want.

To sum it up nicely:

Bell & Rogers don't like that Larry Tannenbaum is making an end run around their deal that Bell & Rogers get first dibs on any shares that Tannenbaum is going to sell. Tannenbaum isn't selling his shares directly but selling off some of a holding company that happens to own shares of MLSE.

Last month, Tanenbaum informed Rogers and Bell about his intention to generate $400 million through the sale of a 20% portion in Kilmer Sports Inc., a holding company under family control. The buyer for this stake would be the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System pension plan. Kilmer Sports currently possesses a 25% ownership of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE), Tanenbaum serving as the chairman. The remaining 75% is evenly divided between Rogers and Bell, who jointly operate a holding company.

This is seen as unfair in their eyes, but it also may cause issues if Tannenbaum goes to directly sell his stakes, which would mean Rogers & Bell would have to match the $8 Billion valuation this current sale prices the company at. To compare, the Ottawa Senators sold for $950 million, and a couple years ago the Pittsburgh Penguins were sold for $900 million.

Do Rogers & Bell not want such a high valuation because they want to sell off some shares to make a bit of extra money? There's nothing better for a team rebranding itself on the ice than some drama off. Go off-season!

Here's some news to talk about.

It's both worked and not worked with one year deals for players.

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Anze Kopitar is staying in LA for two more years.

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The LA Kings have signed captain Anze Kopitar to a two-year contract extension with an average value of $7 million.

The Red Wings player agreed to end a contract with two more years and $4 million to try and find a better fit on a new team.

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Will Ron MacLean finally be shown the door? New panelists next season? Play by play announcers you'll want to listen to? Let's hope so.

Almost a week into free agency and some of the bigger names are still on the market. Patrick Kane, unsigned. Vladimir Tarasenko? Well, he changed agents.

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