Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It's the middle of June, the Stanley Cup parade has come and gone, there is officially nothing happening for a week until the NHL awards on Monday.

So. What do we do?

Well, I had a great weekend outside. Yes, that scary place where the bugs and sun are. I spent all day Saturday just lazing about, smoking some prime rib for dinner. Sunday was a day of good intentions but was spent in the tourist hell that is Niagara Falls. Go-Karts were fun though.

So, I'll attempt to document the fun off-season activities we can do. Again. I tried last year but most of my off-season was spent either working overtime or getting COVID​. We'll hope for a better summer this year.

But for now! Some news.

Brian is still pumping out draft profiles, the busy guy he is.

2023 NHL Draft Profile: Caden Price | PPP Leafs
Looking at the enigmatic defenseman Caden Price, and his potential as a bounce back prospect who Toronto could draft in the second or third round.

I really hope Matthews signs his extension right away on July 1st. I can't take a whole summer of this.

Good News Surfaces on Matthews’ Talks With Maple Leafs
Following a meeting in Arizona, there is potentially good news on an extension with Auston Matthews and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

There's some silly nonsense going on with one prospect. Is he trying to tank his draft status to stay away from terrible teams?

A profile on the new NHLPA head.

Why Marty Walsh left the Biden administration to run the NHL players’ association
The former mayor of Boston and longtime Bruins fan was intrigued and earlier this year accepted the role as executive director. Now three months in, Marty Walsh is trying to get to know players and what they care about most, learning about everything from the Arizona Coyotes’ arena situation to the…

Finally, you want a parade? Here's a parade.

Or here's a ten minute version of it.

Enjoy your day everyone!