It’s three weeks until the Toronto Maple Leafs come on down to Niagara for the first weekend of training camp. There has been very little news out of the team aside from a few front office hiring and role assigning.

How will we get through this awful time in the hockey calendar? I have a few tips for you.

  1. Rosterbate, rosterbate, rosterbate. Build your lines. Be crazy with them. Josh Leivo paired with Auston Matthews? Why not?
  2. Watch Leafs highlights. Here I’ll tart you off:

3. Watch people fight about WAR models on Twitter. Don’t engage, but just watch.

4. DO NOT FOLLOW @TRAVISYOST. You’ll fall for his clearly anger baiting food takes and get suckered in to that nonsense.

5. Join CHL Twitter and follow all that major junior training camp action!

6. No, wait, don’t.

7. Nap

8. Get a job, slackers.

9. Spin around really fast until you fall over, hit your head, go into a 6 week coma, and hey look it’s the start of the season.

Here are your links.

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Enjoy your Wednesday!