Good Morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It’s a week past free agency and all the running around flailing arms about trades and signings is over, things are getting quieter, and we sit around waiting on something, anything, to happen.

It is almost Top 25 time, which is what I’ve been working on lately. We have about 50 players to throw darts at for our picks, and we’re doubling the amount of voters this year too, reaching out to some of our favourite non-PPP Leafs fans and prospect watchers out there.

The community vote will be back and not as bad as last years was, but I don’t have a prize to give away, unless you just want a mystery box of whatever random Leafs crap I have lying around my house.

Anyway, that’s coming up soon, so hanging on and here’s what I could scrounge up this morning, news wise.

First of all, everyone took Steve Simmons word on Don Cherry being let go?

If you’re going to look for sports broadcasting rumours, go to Jonah, at Toronto Sports Media:

Come on people, give your heads a shake.

Oh hey here’s a relevant link to that news.

Carolina Hurricanes officially match Sebastian Aho offer sheet; Aho issues statement

You got used Canadiens, you go used.

Summer of Kyle Dubas: Nazem Kadri, Patrick Marleau, Tyson Barrie, Mitch Marner

Centre of Leafs Nation looks back on the past week.

As Mitch Marner offer sheet rumours abound, the Toronto Maple Leafs are well situated to handle whatever comes their way | Maple Leafs Hotstove

Bring it on Habs.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Evaluating Jason Spezza

Puck77 goes  deep into the Leafs new 4C.

Paying the Piper: How Negotiations Will Impact The Leafs Salary Distribution

Macinaw Stats digs into the Leafs numbers.

That’s actually a good collection of stuff for July 8th.

Have a good one folks!