When the Toronto Maple Leafs announced that Michael Hutchinson would start in net and Auston Matthews would not be playing, a lot of people had the Maple Leafs Dread™ sink in and wrote off the game, figuring the Edmonton Oilers would walk away with this game easily.

Happily, many of us who lacked the willpower to stay up to the ungodly hour of 10PM woke up to fantastic news!

Game Recap: Leafs take advantage of poor goaltending, hold on for the win

For the second straight game, with two different goalies, the Maple Leafs shutout the Edmonton Oilers and won 3-0.

William Nylander continued his scoring streak, and I don’t want to give him credit but this seems like a very big fuck you to Steve Simmons and his stupid Ikea article. Maybe it was motivation?

Now the Leafs have today off, and play the Oilers one more tie on Wednesday night before heading to Vancouver the next day for another awful 10PM start.

What we need to know for that game is will any of the missing Leafs return?

Auston Matthews, Frederik Andersen, Jack Campbell, Wayne Simmonds are all still missing from the Leafs roster and boy it would e great to have them back.

In other game news the Toronto Marlies had their home opener last night, and bat the Manitoba Moose 4-2. Ahead of the game, the Marlies announced that Rich Clune would be the ninth captain of the Toronto Marlies:

He’s been serving in a mentor role for the Marlies since joining the team in 2015, and has finally been given the captains honours. A well deserved promotion, and hopefully this means Clune will be around the Marlies for a long time after he retires.

Around the NHL....

Mason Marchment has an equipment failure against the Hurricanes

Patrick Marleau. Old?

In the North Division, the Ottawa Senators really hurt the Calgary Flames by beating them 5-1. Like, wow guys. The Senators aren’t making things as easy as they should be to play against them and I kind of love it (when it’s not against the Leafs).

Batherson, Stützle lead Ottawa past Calgary

Speaking of the Senators...

When they ask which payer you want on your jersey, just use the last name.

The other North Division game saw another bottom feeding team win, this time it was the Vancouver Canucks over the Winnipeg Jets*, winning 4-0.

RECAP #25: NUCKS WIN! (Really!) Shutdown the Jets 4-0

It was a good night for bad teams.

Except the Oilers.

Down south, Todd Bertuzzi - famously known for good decisions - was picked up in Michigan on a DUI. Perhaps he was making his way back to Canada, where he said he would flee to if Joe Biden became the president. You know, to escape the socialism. In Canada.

Looking at 2021 NHL standings with normal divisional alignment

Former NHL player Todd Bertuzzi arrested for suspected DUI - TSN.ca

Sportsnet did the exercise of building the standings in normal divisions for this season and you know what? Leafs are still in first.

Looking at 2021 NHL standings with normal divisional alignment


On that note, enjoy your day everyone!