Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

All day yesterday we were teased with the news that a Jack Eichel trade away from the Buffalo Sabres was imminent, and then nothing happened. This is just like every season Eichel’s been in Buffalo: Teases that something great will happen, then you’re disappointed.

The Vegas Golden Knights have been the big suitor for Eichel - they have an owner who wants to win now and loves to make splashy moves to draw attention. We also got the Calgary Flames involved, which was a bit surprising to me. Then we saw a rumoured offer:

Now that is a trade package. As much as I hate Matthew Tkachuk for what he did in my own OHL teams arena, that would be a huge move for the Flames to trade him away. Why wouldn’t the Sabres jump at this. Two firsts as well? Take it! Take it!

But...what if this was just a leak to make Vegas up the ante? Also, why is this ramping up with fake rumours now? John Vogl out of Buffalo may have an answer:

Who involved in the NHL, outside of Buffalo, could be pressuring the Sabres to make the trade now? A deal so huge, in a market so obsessed with hockey, that it would take over the entire hockey news cycle?


We’re all so excited about this possible deal, and then someone with “sources” and “reliability in his market” and “Knows Keith Tkachuk” threw cold water on all of us:

All of this build up and nothing to show for it.



Here’s some actual news:

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Finally, let’s take another look at Topi Niemelä:

Enjoy your day everyone!