lGood morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans and wayward others. It’s Friday, and I for one am thrilled at this idea. Instead of spending the week recovering from a Thanksgiving trip to Montreal to visit the in-laws, I spent it working several different jobs for long hours and missed out on all of the Maple Leafs doings, including a Wednesday night recap - sorry Katya.

From what I’ve gathered on my little time online, the Maple Leafs are bad, and good, and have both won and lost games. Oh, and Morgan Rielly was still mad at losing the captaincy to John Tavares that he shot the puck right at John’s finger and broke it.

Not good Morgan, not good.

Ouch! This is going to hurt us more than it will you, John Tavares

The Leafs lost yet another game two of a back to back, and this is either Mike Babock’s fault or Kyle Dubas’ or perhaps the multitude of $10 million players not scoring like they should. Who knows?

Here is what you may have missed yesterday in the land of hockey.

William Nylander: Rising Above the Critics

Centre of Leafs Nation looks at everyone’s favourite Maple Leafs that wears #88.

Valentin Zykov suspended 20 games for violating league’s PED policy

The plus to NHL expansion is that it brings in more guys for me to go “Who’s that guy?” When news comes out.

Why Tom Fitzgerald Won't Solve All The New Jersey Devils Problems

Wait, the Devils made the AGM and Assistant Coach? Sure, why not.

EXCLUSIVE: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman sits down with Mile High Hockey

Bettman will talk to bloggers now? Oh Gary, ave I got questions for you.And these won’t be softballs.

I guess that’s it. If there’s anything I missed, put it in the comments. I mean you probably did that yesterday, so I dunno, talk about this crazy weather we’re having.

It’s going to be 21 on Monday!