I’m so tired.

The Maple Leafs California road trip began with a bang as the Leafs took down the Kings 5-1, but my frail east coast body isn’t built to handle 10PM games.

I’ve come up with these helpful tips to help us get through slog of a week.

1) Exercise

If you’re having trouble staying up, get your body moving. Use commercial breaks and intermissions to exercise and wake yourself up. It’s both healthy and useful.

2) Sleep all day

If you’re not working, make the day your night this week. Sleep during the day, and wake up in time to watch the Leafs game. It will be a tough transition back to 7PM games but your Leafs are worth it, aren’t they?

3) Drugs!

No, not illegal ones. We here at PPP Kitten Ranching, Senators bot making, and basement renovations LLC are responsible adults. I’m talking about legal ones like daytime cold medication or good old caffeine

4) Will power

Force yourself to stay up. Mind over matter. Are you going to let some sack of meat be the boss of you? Hell no. Your body does what you tell it, not the other way around

5) Live out west

I’m kidding, don’t do that.

6) Game in six

Or, if you’re old like me, go to bed and watch the game in six.

Here is your news.

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Knowing their fans would fall asleep by 11pm, the Leafs got all their business done within 10 minutes.

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There was a time when Saturday night games felt special. This is no longer the case.

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He's back!

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And now, the contract termination section!

Dennis Everberg placed on unconditional waivers - Arctic Ice Hockey
The Winnipeg Jets are looking to part ways with the Swedish forward.

Michael Lindqvist on unconditional waivers - Blueshirt Banter
And then there were two guys with alarmingly similar surnames

Blackhawks prospect Ivan Nalimov, Kunlun Red Star mutually terminate contract, per report - Second City Hockey
The 24-year-old found it difficult to live in China, his agent, Shumi Babaev, told The Athletic.

Enjoy your day!