Good morning fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs and others who are just fans of myself. It was a weekend with back to back Maple Leafs games, no William Nylander, and the new goalie showing us just exactly who he is: A back up in an imperfect situation who is doing his best and has the trust from management, unlike that other schlub we’re stuck with in net.

Despite the Maple Leafs getting three out of four points on the weekend, collectively we’re still feeling bad about losing Frederik Andersen and losing the first two games last week a combined 10-6. This morning I’m going to try and keep looking on the bright side of things, and I hope it helps.

Fact #1: This isn’t the Buffalo Sabres we’re cheering for.

Both teams may have begun their rebuilds at the same time, but the Sabres still haven’t left the tank mode yet. They have Rasmus Dahlin and Jack Eichel as their two big draft pick pieces, but overall they can’t get past the “finish low to get good draft picks” part.

Fact #2: The Maple Leafs didn’t just lose to the Detroit Red Wings

This honour will go to the Buffalo Sabres again. Yes, those Buffalo Sabres lost to the bottom of the barrel, worse than the “Dead Things” era Red Wings. The best part is they play each other again tomorrow night.

Fact #3: Despite numerous attempts by the media in doing so, the Leafs did not trade William Nylander.

Despite it being a CRTC requirement for TSN to talk about, the Maple Leafs have not traded the nearly point per game player who’s making under $7 million, because that would be plain silly.

Fact #4: Bears Eat Beets.

Sorry, wrong list.

Fact #5: Auston Matthews is very good at scoring goals

In fact the’s tied with Alexander Ovechkin as the leagues best goal scorer with 40 each.

Fact #6: Two Maple Leafs have 50 points, one almost does

Auston Matthews has 68 points, good enough to be in the top 10 in the top 10 in the league, Mitch Marner has 57, which gets him into the top 20, and Nylander has 49, which just keeps him out of the top 30. Not bad.

Fact #7: The Maple Leafs aren’t saddled with aging players on bad contracts

We don’t have Shea Weber signed for, holy crap, six more seasons after this one with a $7.8m cap hit. We don’t have Carey Price signed for those same six season at $10.5m. We don’t have Brent Seabrook or Jonathan Quick. We’re good.

Fact #8: Marc Bergevin isn’t our GM

See above.

Fact #9: We have Nick Robertson

Okay, he only had two points on the weekend, but they only played one game!

Fact #10: This gem from Yahoo! Sports

I hope that cheered you up Leafs fans.

Now, the news.

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That seems like a good place to end this. Let’s kick off the week with a smile, eh?

Have a great one Leafs fans!