Good Morning Leafs fans!

It’s Monday, and I’m here with your morning links. A couple bigger items are happening today. UFA talks can begin ahead of Saturday’s start to free agent mania. Also today the Hockey Hall of Fame committee should be announcing their picks for 2017. So let’s stretch out our fingers and be ready to tweet our anger at obvious choices being snubbed.

Who will be the 2017 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees? - Pension Plan Puppets
There are lots of great people who deserve to get in this year.

The news is slowing down, so let’s get to those links!

Grading the Toronto Maple Leafs' OHL selections in the 2017 NHL Draft | Maple Leafs Hotstove
Since Mark Hunter left the OHL’s London Knights to join the Toronto Maple Leafs’ front office staff in 2015, the Leafs have averaged three picks from the Ontario Hockey League per NHL draft.

Justin Faulk and why I don’t want the Leafs to acquire him –
I called Justin Faulk ‘terrible’ but I want to clarify that a little. He isn’t terrible, he is just not very good defensively.

Burns, Thornton to appear in ESPN Body Issue - Fear The Fin
Jumbo and Burnzie strip down to the beards.

Report: Sabres to hire Randy Sexton as AGM, will also GM Amerks - Die By The Blade
Botterill hires a friend from Pittsburgh to be his second-in-command.

Province expected to clamp down on ticket resellers
Ontario is expected to announce its reforms for ticket selling legislation today.

The brothers Foo chase NHL dreams through 2017 draft, free agency - Colour of Hockey

The 10 most awkward 2017 NHL Draft rookie photos- Puck Daddy

Alright, enjoy the day!