In a shootout this weekend, Rodion Amirov, who won my love with a kitten and never looked back, had one of those inevitable moments of public humiliation that go along with playing professional sports. The puck went one way, he went another way, and the goalie ended up standing in the net looking bemused. (Happens to all of us, kid, or it would happen to me, if I could skate, which I can’t). Amirov, showing a nineteen-year-old’s instinctive understanding of how to use social media for self-promotion, went ahead and put together a compilation video entirely to make fun of himself.

Is this as good as helping adopt out a small, furry, helpless creature? No, but it made me laugh, so it’s a win. He’s working on it! Isn’t that what we want from any prospect in any area of life, really?

(Can we get an update on the kitten, though? We here at Pension Plan Puppets Heavy Manufacturing and Kitten Ranch GmbH are really invested.)

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So, that’s definitely going to be a positive development.

In actual positive developments, Dmitri Ovchinnikov had a five-point game this weekend: