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Most of the big signings are done, and the rest as you’ll see below are just filler. So, what do we do now? We play Jagr watch 2017!

The 45 year old star is a free agent after the Florida Panthers decided to not renew his contract. So, what are his options?

He could go looking for a contender to play with, his past 2 and a half seasons with the Panthers weren’t exactly that. He was a semi-mascot for the team and living in Florida does have it’s advantages - weather for example. Most people assumed he was going to re-sign there but the Panthers made that decision for him.

If he wanted to stay in Florida, the Tampa Bay Lightning are an option. They could play him in the bottom six, sell a few more jerseys than normal and have a special ‘travelling Jagr’s’ night. They have $13 million dollars in cap room so they can afford the bump over a normal bottom six players salary that Jagr would have.

If not Tampa I’m sure the Vegas Golden Knights would love to have him, big marketing coup for them. They’ll be a bottom feeder and that isn’t what most older players are looking to volunteer for.

The Montreal Canadiens would love him because they are in “holy shit we have to win now mode” after off season.

The New York Rangers have always loved old stars, maybe there?

What about our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs? I’d love to have him for the novelty factor of it, but he’s just not a good fit. I could write a whole article but it comes down to a couple things:

  1. He’s older and slower than most of our players
  2. We have a glut of our own wingers. We don’t need more.
  3. We’re $1,000,000 over the cap with Zach Hyman and Connor Brown to sign.

So, yeah. Would love him, but don’t need/can’t fit him.

Good luck in your search Jaromir.

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