Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It’s the end of July, and there isn’t much news around this time of year. Usually all of the free agents are signed, trades are done, and everyone is taking some much needed time off.

However, this year we’re sitting, and waiting, for something to happen. The Leafs are $1.5M over the cap, and have yet to sign restricted free agent Rasmus Sandin. There’s a trade coming, someone is being moved out to clear space, but who? Alex Kerfoot? Jake Muzzin? Justin Holl? Mitch Marner? Anything is possible, and no matter who is on the move if the trade is made this week it will be the biggest end of July trade ever for the Maple Leafs.

Usually mid-summer trades are clearing up the roster, moving guys who may not make the team, giving them a chance to succeed elsewhere. As you see below, they aren’t anything to write home about.

July 29, 1991

Maple Leafs acquire: Mike Bullard
Philadelphia Flyers acquire: 1993 3rd round pick (Vaclav Prospal)

At this time Mike Bullard was playing in Europe, after 11 seasons in the NHL with the Penguins, Flames, Blues, and Flyers. The Maple Leafs acquired him from the Flyers while he was playing in Switzerland, played 65 games for the Leafs in the 91-92 season and went back to Europe for ten more years. He’s currently the head coach of the hated GOJHL Caledonia Corvairs.

What did the Leafs give up? The pick that became over 1100 games and 765 points of Vaclav Prospal.

That’s a loss for the Leafs.

July 30, 1993

Maple Leafs acquire: Cash
Florida Panthers acquire: Dave Tomlinson

Remember when you could buy players? Just straight up send teams cash for a guy? We should bring that back.

A few days after buying Tomlinson from the Leafs, the Panthers flipped him to the Jets for Jason Cirone. Dave was a minor-leaguer, and ended his career with a lengthy stay in Europe. He currently does radio colour commentary for the Seattle Kraken.

The Leafs used that cash to buy Harrold Ballard a new ivory backscratcher.

July 30, 2005

Maple Leafs acquire: Jeff O’Niell
Carolina Hurricanes acquire: 2006 4th round pick (Reto Berra)

O-Dawg as he likes to be called, became a Leaf just before the NHL shut down the 04-05 season. He would miss winning a Stanley Cup with the Hurricanes, but has gone on to host the TSN afternoon drive time show, and blocked me on Twitter.

Berra stayed in Switzerland until 2013, played four seasons in the AHL/NHL and went home where he’s still playing in the Swiss League.

July 27, 2009

Maple Leafs acquire: Wayne Primeau, 2011 2nd round pick (Brandon Saad)
Calgary Flames acquire: Anton Stralman, Colin Stuart, 2012 7th round pick (Matt DeBlouw)

No, the Leafs didn’t draft Brandon Saad. They blew that chance by trading this pick away for the pick they would send to Boston for Phil Kessel. They needed their own 2010 second to threaten the Bruins with an offer-sheet that they should have sent instead of trading for Kessel, but Burke was a coward.

What they did get was one season of Wayne Primeau who scored eight points and then retired.

July 25, 2019

Maple Leafs acquire: Justin Schmaltz
St. Louis Blues acquire: Andreas Borgman

Nothing for nothing. At least they didn’t lose a pick.

So, will the Maple Leafs make the first significant trade of the final week of July?

Probably not.

In other news....

There isn’t any that I feel like talking about!

We’re getting ready for the Top 25 Under 25, so we can all enjoy arguing about that soon enough.

2022 Top 25 Under 25 Eligibility List

It’s the end of July, so go find something fun to do instead of wondering all day what Rasmus Sandin’s AAV will be.