Good Morning!

We’re just days away from the Maple Leafs gathering and the real speculation and squabbling can begin! Physicals at the Mastercard on Thursday then it’s a road trip to Niagara Falls! Watch the casino lobby, Steve Simmons will be there waiting to see who comes and goes, hoping to write a big hit piece on someone.

Here are your links!

It’s season 2 of the ‘new’ Maple Leafs. How are things going?

Is Leo Komarov an important part of the Maple Leafs future?

PEI may be small but it’s made an impact on the NHL.

Josh Ho-Sang makes the fisherman logo cool again.

It’s amazing how little I know or care about the New Jersey Devils. They signed some guy I’ve never heard of to a giant contract.

Henrik Lundqvist dragged the New York Rangers to the cup final. Then what happened?

Was Gretzky overpaid? Wait...what?

Finally, the Tampa Bay Lightning’s arena seems to be untouched by Hurricane Irma, despite being in a mandatory evacuation zone.

Enjoy your day everyone. Do some good.